MochaBear Marketing brings over 15 years of experience in digital marketing strategy and has successfully worked with clients to design and execute strategies that consider all areas of digital marketing (email, social, web).  Our core is email marketing as that is still the most effective marketing channel to retain a customer.  However, with the complexities of the digital space today, an email strategy must work with all areas of marketing.  Social media needs to be more than just beautiful pictures.  It needs to captivate people to follow your brand and become your loyal customers.  It also needs to have a strategy that accounts for the customer experience beyond the social media post.  Whether that is an online customer experience or trying to entice people to visit your store, the strategy is key for long term customer engagement.
Our message is simple… we work with our clients to help them acquire, connect and retain customers by building a strategy that utilizes both email marketing and social media to build a good customer experience.  This strategy works both for businesses which sell only online as well as those which have a physical location.


Founder Elizabeth Jacobi has over 15 years of email marketing, digital marketing strategy, and program management experience. Prior to starting MochaBear, Elizabeth led the marketing technology efforts for a CRM agency for more than four years.
Elizabeth also spent 8 years at CheetahMail where she managed a global team of 10 employees as well as some of the company's largest west coast clients. Before joining CheetahMail, Elizabeth launched the email program for Paramount Digital Entertainment, the digital arm of Paramount Pictures.
Elizabeth’s experience has included both large and small brands, including Pro-Flowers, Harry & David, DoubleDown Interactive, Toyota and Untamed Sandwiches, as well as several others in the retail, food service, and automotive areas.

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